Karen Nash
Karen Nash is a medical reporter and media consultant based in Monroeville, PA.
Is private-practice urology becoming a thing of the past?
Opinions are mixed on the future of practicing urology in a private setting.
Has the amount of time urologists spend with patients changed?
Urologists say they average around 10 to 15 minutes with each patient.
5-alpha-reductase inhibitors to reduce prostate cancer risk: Urologists' views are mixed
Urologists respond to the FDA's ruling on dutasteride and finasteride.
Urology patient demands, economics drive evolution in surgery
Urology has undergone an evolution in both the way clinicians approach surgical and nonsurgical procedures and the settings in which they perform them.
What's vital for young urologists to have in their practice?
Most urologists point to an excellent staff as the key to a successful practice.
Clinical guidelines in urology: What treatments or procedures could use them?
There are several areas where urologists feel clinical guidelines would be helpful.
Robotic surgery needs to pass test of time, urologists say
Although most urologists agree the field is shifting toward increasingly minimally invasive approaches, they have mixed feelings about whether the move is totally justified.
Urologists: Repairing health care reform better than repealing it
For several urologists, the concept behind reform was strong, but the logistics of implementing it are daunting.
What methods do urologists prefer to obtain CME credit?
Urologists choose flexible options when obtaining CME credit.
Loss of consult codes starting to take toll on urologists
While some urologists say the effect of the loss of consult codes has been minimal thus far, others report income losses of up to 20%, cuts in staff, and delays in purchasing new equipment.