Karen Nash
Karen Nash is a medical reporter and media consultant based in Monroeville, PA.
Do changing urology practice models mean changing politics?
After seeing physicians in Maine ask legislators to delay a bill limiting medical liability, speculation is that because doctors who have joined large groups or hospital practices have fewer concerns related to running a business—eg, meeting payroll, hiring staff, malpractice premiums, and meeting overhead—their priorities might be shifting.
Do urologists think that Medicare should be privatized?
Urologists want Medicare to be run efficiently and be easy for patients to navigate, regardless of whether it's run by the government or private industry.
Urologists: Entitlement cuts will curtail access to care
During the debate about increasing the debt ceiling, the targeting of entitlements in cuts came as little surprise to urologists.
Is the cost of new prostate cancer treatments a concern?
Urologists are acutely aware of the cost of prostate cancer treatments and how they may impact patients' lives.
Post-prostate biopsy infections bring concern, calls for standardization
Most of the urologists interviewed for this article say post-biopsy infection is something they are watching and that they are considering changes to their regimens to counter the problems that have been reported.
What challenges do obese urologic patients present, and how do you handle them?
Urologists say obese patients often have physical limits when it comes to surgery.
Do your patients go to urgent care clinics for urologic care?
Urologists say their accessibility to their patients negates the need for urgent care centers.
Conflicting, ambiguous federal rules create biggest headaches for urologists
Urology Times asked urologists what regulations create the most issues in their practices, and how the rules could be changed to make them more palatable.
Do you ever read or take part in urology-related blogs?
Urologists say they don't have time to participate in blogs, but some do embrace the medium.
Patients' lack of compliance, preparation are urologists' top complaints
Urologists acknowledged that they do get frustrated with certain patient behaviors, with noncompliance heading the list.


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