Karen Nash
Karen Nash is a medical reporter and media consultant based in Monroeville, PA.
Urologists say clinical guidelines, experience play complementary role
Urologists around the country discuss the extent they turn to clinical guidelines or to their own experience when deciding their approach to patient care.
What do you think of recent efforts to ban circumcision?
Urologists think it's up to parents to decide whether circumcision should be performed on their child.
FDA warning on mesh held little surprise for urologists
Urologists say they aren't surprised at the FDA warning about surgical mesh, and it hasn't affected what they do, either because they weren't using mesh in the first place or because mesh can be used safely in the hands of the right surgeon.
Urologists generally take economic downturn in stride
Even if they didn't do well in the stock market, many focus on their health and enjoy their work.
What are you telling patients about the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendation on prostate specific antigen-based screening?
Urologists generally use the recommendation as the basis of a frank discussion with patients.
Should urologic patients have direct access to lab results?
While most urologists are amenable to patients having direct access to test results, they say it does raise questions about the implementation of the rule regarding access and the extent of the information that is released.
Do you use a smartphone in your urology practice?
Urologists are still adjusting to using the new technology in their practices.
Do changing urology practice models mean changing politics?
After seeing physicians in Maine ask legislators to delay a bill limiting medical liability, speculation is that because doctors who have joined large groups or hospital practices have fewer concerns related to running a business—eg, meeting payroll, hiring staff, malpractice premiums, and meeting overhead—their priorities might be shifting.
Do urologists think that Medicare should be privatized?
Urologists want Medicare to be run efficiently and be easy for patients to navigate, regardless of whether it's run by the government or private industry.
Urologists: Entitlement cuts will curtail access to care
During the debate about increasing the debt ceiling, the targeting of entitlements in cuts came as little surprise to urologists.