Karen Nash
Karen Nash is a medical reporter and media consultant based in Monroeville, PA.
Focus on men's health can strengthen urology, patient care
Do urologists consider the possibility that conditions other than strictly urologic problems in men are causing or contributing to their symptoms? And how willing are urologists to coordinate with other physicians when patients' conditions suggest other care is needed?
Do urologists use social media to interact with patients?
While they don't contact patients directly with personal social media accounts, physicians are aware of its importance with keeping patients updated.
Court ruling on Affordable Care Act: Some urologists cower, others rejoice
Urologists were taken aback at the ruling, some less so than others, and their responses varied widely at what the law might mean for their practices and the delivery of health care in this country.
What are your favorite smartphone apps, and do you use any specific to urology?
Urologists use apps on phones and tablets for the benefit of patients and their own convenience.
U.S. Preventive Services Task Force report on PSA is another reason for men to avoid the doctor, urologists say
Most urologists say they've already seen reaction to the report's release and the resulting news coverage. Many are concerned that the USPSTF recommendation will give men another excuse to avoid the doctor's office.
Urologists often on the 'defensive' when ordering tests
Urology Times asks five urologists about diagnostic tests and practicing 'defensive' medicine.
Are you using (or will you use) onabotulinumtoxinA to treat certain patients with urinary incontinence?
Urology Times asked urologists if they would use botulinum toxin to treat urinary incontinence.
Planning to merge a urology practice? Tips for a smooth transition
As has happened throughout the field of medicine over the past decade, a growing number of urologists are merging to create larger, more expansive urology practices. Here's how one newly merged practice stayed on track during the merger process.
Urology practice change coming in the form of new alliances, accountable care organizations
Many urologists are embarking on practice-changing moves, including forming new alliances with area hospitals or other practices and gearing up for participation in accountable care organizations (ACOs).