Karen Nash
Karen Nash is a medical reporter and media consultant based in Monroeville, PA.
Speak Out: What's your comfort level with active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer?
Urologists share how confident they feel about active surveillance for low-risk prostate cancer.
Urologists foresee possible merits, drawbacks with accountable care organizations
Urology Times asks urologists about the impact they think ACOs will have on their practices.
Which recent drug has had the biggest impact on urology?
Urologists discuss the treatments that have most affected their practices.
Have you ever experienced burnout?
Urologists discuss whether burnout affects them and, if so, what they do to cope.
What low-tech tools or methods do you use in your urology practice?
Urologists share some simple methods and techniques that make their job easier.
Many urologists put brakes on procedures nurse practitioners, physician assistants do
While most of the urologists we interviewed use non-physician providers, they don't believe these practitioners are adequately trained to do cystoscopy.
Focus on men's health can strengthen urology, patient care
Do urologists consider the possibility that conditions other than strictly urologic problems in men are causing or contributing to their symptoms? And how willing are urologists to coordinate with other physicians when patients' conditions suggest other care is needed?
Do urologists use social media to interact with patients?
While they don't contact patients directly with personal social media accounts, physicians are aware of its importance with keeping patients updated.
Court ruling on Affordable Care Act: Some urologists cower, others rejoice
Urologists were taken aback at the ruling, some less so than others, and their responses varied widely at what the law might mean for their practices and the delivery of health care in this country.
What are your favorite smartphone apps, and do you use any specific to urology?
Urologists use apps on phones and tablets for the benefit of patients and their own convenience.