Karen Nash
Karen Nash is a medical reporter and media consultant based in Monroeville, PA.
Are NPs/PAs a viable short-term solution to the urologist shortage?
"Training more urologists is a long-term plan that’s needed, but PAs/NPs aren’t a solution everywhere because the distribution of specialists can vary, even within the same state."
Are you making preparations for the switch to ICD-10?
"Do I think [ICD-10] will make patient care better? If it did, I would be really shocked. The question is, will it make patient care worse? I hope not.”
Are you seeing more younger patients presenting with erectile dysfunction?
Are you seeing more younger patients presenting with erectile dysfunction?
Some urologists are seeing more younger men for erectile dysfunction than they have in the past, the reasons for which appear to be multi-factorial.
With newer agents for advanced prostate cancer, how has your approach changed?
Urologists discuss their preferred treatment approaches for advanced prostate cancer.
Do you keep up with clinical trials and offer them to patients?
While some urologists interviewed by Urology Times say they keep up on clinical trials and offer them patients, one says that his rural location makes participating in trials difficult both for himself and his patients.
How did the American Urological Association handle the release of its new PSA guideline?
“Our group all felt that we were caught off guard," said one urologist about the AUA's new prostate cancer screening guideline.
How do you help patients understand prostate cancer treatment options?
Three urologists discuss how they review prostate cancer treatment options with their patients.
Speak Out: How do you expect the Sunshine Act to impact you/your urology practice?
Urologists discuss the potential effects of the Sunshine Act.
Are you happy with your EMR system? Why or why not?
Urologists share their experiences with EMR systems.
Speak Out: What's your biggest concern about the Affordable Care Act?
Urologists' concerns about the Affordable Care Act include added bureaucracy and waste as well as the Independent Payment Advisory Board.