Christine Blank
Contributing Editor Christine Blank is a freelance writer based in Florida.
Top 5 Things to Know About Future Drug Spending
How will money be spent on medications in the next 5 years? Here's a look at the top trends.
How You Can Help Prevent Opioid Abuse
Pharmacists are on the front lines of helping to curb abuse and misuse in the opioid epidemic. But how can you make this happen in the real world?
Drug distributor pays record fine
McKesson Corp., one of the largest distributors of pharmaceuticals, agreed to pay a record civil penalty for alleged violations of the Controlled Substances Act.
CVS Diabetes Management Program Aims to Slash Costs
Here's how this pharmacy chain is helping patients with diabetes better manage their disease.
Constipation drug wins approval
FDA approved plecanatide (Trulance, Synergy Pharmaceuticals) for adults with chronic idiopathic constipation.
Five Innovative New Products for Diabetes
Here's a quick overview of new drugs, a novel device that can replace fingersticks, and an “artificial pancreas” meant to make life easier for patients with diabetes.
Why consumers trust pharmacists
Americans ranked pharmacists second only to nurses in a Gallup survey about trusted professions.
CVS, Cigna on board with generic EpiPens
The urgent need for a less-expensive epinephrine auto-injector is now being addressed.
Generics and biosimilars, key to Trump drug price concerns
If pharma is “getting away with murder” with drug pricing, more generic and biosimilars can help control costs, says this group.
Long-acting opioid painkiller wins approval
FDA recently approved a long-acting opioid designed to deter abuse.


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