Christine Blank
Contributing Editor Christine Blank is a freelance writer based in Florida.
How to Raise Diabetes Drug Adherence
How to Raise Diabetes Drug Adherence
New study shows that a Universal Medication Schedule could help diabetes patients.
Bill Would Protect Compounded Drugs
Bill Would Protect Compounded Drugs
The IACP is excited about new legislation that could help compounding pharmacists.
Drug Maker Ordered to Shut Down
After repeated infractions, a company is forced to shutter its doors.
Women Pharmacy Ownership on the Rise
How women are becoming more involved than ever in pharmacy.
Development Soars for Alzheimer’s Drugs
There is lots of room for both success and failure in the Alzheimer's drug market.
FDA Orders Stop Sale of Painkiller
The first opioid taken off the shelves because of potential abuse.
Cancer Drug Spending Soars
New therapies and increased awareness lead to a large market.
DIR Fees: What NCPA Wants from Part D
In a letter to the CMS, DIR fees take precedence
How the FDA Will Combat Opioid Abuse
Gottlieb and the FDA are being praised for their efforts, but could they be doing more?


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