Ronald J. Paprocki, JD, CFP, CHBC
Mr. Paprocki is chief executive officer of MEDIQUS Asset Advisors, Inc. in Chicago.
Are you factoring inflation into your retirement plan?
During our working years, we justify the negative impact of inflation by relying on the expectation that our incomes will rise at levels consistent with or above inflation. Unfortunately, many of today's physicians are experiencing just the opposite.
Timing may be right to re-examine your portfolio
With all of the negative sentiment surrounding the financial markets, is it appropriate to simply avoid them until things improve?
IRS boosts retirement plan contributions in '09
Retirement plan contributions are subject to specific IRS limitations.
Retirement plan options: What you should know
It is important to be aware of the general arrangements (often referred to as "platforms") available for investment management and the alternative methods of compensation for those who are involved in retirement plan accounts.
Tax-deferred annuities offer investor flexibility
Investors seeking a tax deferral strategy or those who wish to create a retirement stream of income they cannot outlive often look to tax-deferred fixed annuities, where taxation on the interest is deferred until distributions are made.
Buy or sell: How should you react to the bear market?
Classifying market movements is easy in hindsight, but how do you know which type of market we are heading into before it happens? The answer is that no one can predict market movements with any consistency.
New law provides relief from IRA distribution in '09
The Worker, Retiree, and Employer Recovery Act of 2008, which was signed into law at the end of last year, has a dramatic positive impact on those who are subject to minimum distributions from their individual retirement accounts.
Avoiding risk: Why not transfer assets to spouse?
One of the most effective strategies to protect assets is not to own them if you are an "at-risk" individual.