Ronald J. Paprocki, JD, CFP, CHBC
Mr. Paprocki is chief executive officer of MEDIQUS Asset Advisors, Inc. in Chicago.
Who will inherit your IRA?
With the IRA generally representing most physicians' largest financial asset, it only makes sense to ensure that retirement account beneficiary decisions are carefully made.
Urologists should balance investments using Modern Portfolio Theory
Significant time is spent developing methods or strategies that come close to that "perfect investment." None is as popular or compelling as Modern Portfolio Theory.
How to protect life insurance from estate taxation
Often neglected in the life insurance strategy is the estate tax consequence associated with the ownership and ultimate payout of the insurance policy's death benefit.
Will estate tax relief come this year?
Estate tax repeal is now officially under way. However, repeal may be temporary, as many believe Congress will revive the tax this year.
Municipal bonds offer multiple tax advantages
As physicians contemplate the impact of potentially higher taxation, it is imperative to compare investment yields or returns on an after-tax basis.
Which type of financial trust is right for you?
Estate planning strategies utilize various trusts to minimize estate tax liability as well as provide assistance or management for the surviving family.
How to minimize estate tax while protecting assets
Asset protection strategies and estate planning techniques often operate in conjunction with each other.
Roth IRA restrictions will lift in 2010
2010 will be a pivotal year for retirement planning, as it will be the first time taxpayers will be able to convert funds in regular IRAs to Roth IRAs, regardless of their income level.
Roth IRA restrictions will lift in 2010
Looking for a financial adviser? With this list of the 150 best financial advisers for physicians, there are plenty to choose from.
How to turn a stock market loss into tax savings
Last year's market selloff led many investors to take advantage of some unique tax planning opportunities.


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