Ronald J. Paprocki, JD, CFP, CHBC
Mr. Paprocki is chief executive officer of MEDIQUS Asset Advisors, Inc. in Chicago.
Take a big tax hit in 2013? Prepare for next year now
With tax season behind us, now is the perfect time to be proactive for the 2014 tax year. By taking steps this year, you can avoid the situation of sitting down with your accountant next year and finding that it’s too late to reduce your tax liability.
Second marriage: Know the financial implications
While there are many non-financial issues to consider when going through a divorce, financial implications must also be examined, especially in the event of a second marriage.
Real estate: Know your investment options
Real estate purchases can be made on an individual basis or in a diversified form through partnerships or real estate investment trusts.
Save estate tax costs with exemption portability
Federal estate tax exemption portability represents a huge potential benefit for many estates that should not be overlooked.
Take these steps to avoid ‘kiddie tax’ exposure
It certainly makes sense to try to avoid kiddie tax exposure through effective tax planning strategies. The key is to keep your child’s unearned income below or near the $2,000 threshold.
New top tax rate among 2014 changes to watch for
As you start to prepare paperwork for your accountant, be aware of the changes relative to your 2013 tax return, which has a filing deadline of April 15, 2014.
Retiring soon? Start your preparations now
Physicians contemplating retirement within a few years need to understand the future risks of the financial situation they may be facing.
Preserve assets for heirs after second marriage
A relatively simple technique called the spousal lifetime access trust has proven especially advantageous and popular among those who have remarried and want to provide for children from a prior marriage.
Long-term life insurance comes in several forms
Permanent insurance needs are met through varying types of whole life and universal life insurance policies designed to stay in force throughout one’s lifetime. Unlike term insurance, where premiums generally increase as the insured ages, most permanent life insurance premiums remain level.
Individual needs dictate choice of life insurance
The starting point in any life insurance planning exercise is deciding on the amount and type of coverage needed.


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