Donald McKnight, MD
Dr. McKnight is in private practice, at Jackson Urological Associates, Jackson, Tennessee.
Androgen deprivation: Research, results, and reimbursement
This session was convened to discuss the use of hormonal therapy in patients who have prostate cancer. If we were to take a step back, it might appear that this subject is not very contemporary, since hormonal therapy was introduced as a treatment for prostate cancer more than 60 years ago. The fact that we haven't come up with better treatments during that time is disappointing, but it underscores how effective hormone therapy is. Clearly, it remains our mainstay of therapy for many aspects of prostate cancer at many stages. While hormonal therapy itself has not evolved substantially, our knowledge and perspectives about it have changed in many areas. This has in turn affected when we use it and how we use it. The changes in reimbursement for LHRH analogs are likely to further alter how hormone therapy is used, at least in some ways.