"This article describes the surgical steps in this new technique and our promising preliminary results," writes Reynaldo Gomez, MD.
Two-thirds of patients attending a urology clinic for the management of urolithiasis failed to meet physical activity guidelines. In addition, patients with recent symptomatic urolithiasis were significantly more likely to be current...
In this interview, Dr. Wong describes difficult stones, discusses the skills and training required to treat them, and outlines the role of different treatment modalities.
Dawn Collins, JD, also writes about a lawsuit in which a patient sued over an alleged failure to diagnose Fournier's gangrene.
There are several very detailed steps that we will combine into 11 separate functions that have to be performed in a prompt and accurate fashion in order to submit a clean claim and be paid in a timely fashion.
Here are the highlights of the final rule for Medicare Part B payment for calendar year 2016 of greatest interest to urologists.
Three urologists discussing their early experiences with ICD-10 make it clear that the transition hasn't been the disaster predicted by some.
The defendants did not dispute the patient's claims but did question the severity and frequency of her complaints and whether they related to the original operation.
After providing a definition of underactive bladder and describing its various pathologies, this article outlines practical diagnostic steps and an approach to treatment, which is aimed at correcting underlying pathologies.

Henry Rosevear, MD

A member of the Urology Times Clinical Practice Board, and in private practice at Pikes Peak Urology, Colorado Springs, CO.


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