Urologist Henry Rosevear, MD, recalls some of his experiences working with government-sponsored health care programs.
Techniques from experienced clinicians help transition placement of the prostatic urethral lift from the OR to an office setting.
Although there is no clear-cut solution to the problem of recurrent UTIs in postmenopausal women, "various strategies can be employed that have found success," write Wade Bushman, MD, PhD, and Brian V. Le, MD, MA.
“Few physicians are familiar with apology law and even fewer understand the significance,” said Patrick McKenna, MD, chief of the division of pediatric urology at American Family Children’s Hospital and professor of urology at the...
Expert urologists offer time-saving techniques for artificial sphincter insertion.
Our coverage of the 2016 AUA annual meeting includes articles on stone disease, prostate cancer, Peyronie’s disease, and more.
The ACA is a large step forward in allowing men to embrace their health concerns, and for health care practitioners to understand men and the challenge of help seeking, masculinity, and disparity in their quest for wellness (Men’s...
Researchers from the Endourology Disease Group for Excellence research consortium compared the techniques in 152 patients at several stone centers.
It is imperative that physicians know the law of the state they practice in with regard to their relationship with and responsibility for advanced practice providers who are providing urologic care, writes Brianne Goodwin, RN.
If medical specialties were competing for which would have the most dire shortage of practicing physicians by 2025, urologists would likely win.

Henry Rosevear, MD

A member of the Urology Times Clinical Practice Board, and in private practice at Pikes Peak Urology, Colorado Springs, CO.

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