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In this video, Edward Karpman, MD, shows how he performs microsurgical two-layer vasovasostomy to reconstruct the vas deferens after vasectomy.
New products and services from Samsung Electronics America, Syneron Medical, American Medical Systems, New Star, Buffalo Filter, Cook Medical, Endo International, Trimel BioPharma Metamark, and the National Comprehensive Cancer...
In this interview, Arie Belldegrun, MD, discusses the benefits of cancer immunotherapy, the importance of a multidisciplinary treatment approach, and what the future holds for this treatment.
Certain private payers are denying codes for prostate and renal biopsy, and strong documentation will be required to ensure you get paid for your services.
Urologists listed increasing government regulations, declining reimbursement, increasing overhead, and the Affordable Care Act as their most pressing concerns in Urology Times’ 2014 State of the Specialty survey.

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A member of the Urology Times Clinical Practice Board, and in private practice at Pikes Peak Urology, Colorado Springs, CO.


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This video demonstrates a posterior urethroplasty for treatment of pelvic fracture urethral injury.

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