Ureteral reimplantation videos.
In this article, we will provide an overview of the urologist’s role in caring for patients undergoing gender transition as well as urologic concerns of transgender men and women.
It’s time to revisit billing for Medicare Part B drugs. A proposed demonstration project that every urologist should be aware of, a change in the “brown bag” rules since our last publication, and a continued loss of income by many...
Urologists’ dissatisfaction with maintenance of certification is widespread, and they are not shy about sharing their opinion on the controversial program.
Gerald H. Jordan, MD, Thomas Granatir, and Michael L. Ritchey, MD, of the American Board of Urology provide an overview of the origins of certification and changes to the MOC exam that urologists can anticipate in 2017.
Here are simple, often inexpensive ways in which urologists can reclaim their engagement and passion for practicing medicine.
The literature is rife with information and data, sometimes conflicting, as to whether disclosure and defensive medicine are beneficial to reducing liability and the chances of a lawsuit. One reason for this conflicting data is that...
The Painters also answer a question about billing for home health orders during the global period in this "Coding Q&A" column.
Robert A. Dowling, MD, dug into the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ recently released 2015 data from the "Open Payments" initiative, and summarizes the data on payments made to urologists.

Henry Rosevear, MD

A member of the Urology Times Clinical Practice Board, and in private practice at Pikes Peak Urology, Colorado Springs, CO.

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